Leverage the Global Network Built with Local Expertise

You’ve readied Your message to reach your target audiences in the US-but you know there is still more ground to cover. It’s time to look beyond the borders and reach your international audiences. let BAP & Associates LIMITED help with your international content distribution needs. BAP & Associates LIMITED unmatched globel distribution network gets Your press release and messages to your target audiences across the globe. Our network can help you reach mpre than 170 countries in more than 40 languages.






Distribute your content to maximize on your communication strategy and brand awareness with your targeted audiences around the world


Make it easy for your readers to connect with you by using BAP & Associates LIMITEDtranslation services in more than 40 language. Craftyour message in the preferred language of the region or your specific audience.


When you need to focus on a specific country or region, tap our expertise and relationship to reach your target audience.


Stay up-to-date on the performance of your international press releases with our reports that hightlight your global engagement metrics.

BAP & Associates International Distribution Options

Maximize Your reach with BAP & Associates LIMITED Superior Global network

BAP & Associates limited can get your message into the hands of your internation. Communicate with media, journalists and consumers in europe, asia latin america and africa via aur comprehensive network.

Share your content in the countries, industries and languages that fit your strategy and budget.

We Provide assistance with targeting your news for specific markets and can advice on communicstion pratices in counties and regions worldwide.

Target industry media with international microlists and reach audiences for your sector’s news.

Communicate in your target audience’s Local or preferred Language

BAP & Associates LIMITED translation services in more than 40 language ready your message for the specific audience you are trying to reach. We can tailor your message to the message to the local language of the region to ensure maximum reader angagement.

Tap Our Local Expertise to fine-tune your international strategy

BAP & Associates LIMITED local office in canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America to provide greater insight into PR, Marketing and IR within those regions. Our media relation teams keep up with the latest changes in journalist moves, Publication changes and editorial calendars, We have the deepest trade reach in EMEA, Asia and the Americas.

Asia Pacific, Draw on BAP & Associates limited has exclusive relationships with the main news agencies in the region, increase angagement with our multimedia, industry microlist, targeting and monitoring capabilites in the Asia Pacific region.

Europe,Middle East,India & Africa. Our Media relation Specialist work with a wide range of top tier new agencies in EMEA to get your news to your target Audiences.

Latin America. With our extensive nwtwork of regional news agency Partners and journalists, BAP & Associates limited has can get your messages into the hands of your audiences in latin America-Plus we can deliver your news to more than 250 sites in the region.

Demonstrate and share results with Pr Newswire’s reporting

Ensure that you are reaching your international goals by utilizing BAP & Associates limited has reporting tools, Receive timely reports on the performance of your content and how your audience is engaging with your message.

Complimentary reports, including international release Watch. Show your release’s ROI engagement metrics across our select group of influencer sites.

Evaluate the reach and impact of your organization’s message in the language it was distributed in,

Share reports and results with your stakeholders.